Top Places to Visit This Christmas

There are many amazing Christmas destinations to choose from. When it comes to celebrating the festive season, there is no better place than a Christmas destination. From cozy ski lodges in the Alps to dreamy beach escapes overlooking crystal clear waters, here are some of the most spectacular Christmas destinations worldwide.

Lapland, Finland

finlandIf you’re looking for a truly magical holiday experience, look no further than Lapland in Finland. Home to Santa Claus Village, a winter wonderland of snow-covered forests and husky sledding, ice fishing, and reindeer safaris, Lapland is the perfect place for your Christmas excursion. During December, you’ll enjoy various festive activities, including an ice hotel, a Christmas market, and even a visit from Santa.

Basel, Switzerland

If you’re searching for a truly unique holiday experience, then Basel in Switzerland is the perfect destination. The city comes alive in December as it hosts its famous annual Christmas Market, filled with stalls selling handmade gifts, decorations, and festive treats. Basel also offers an array of cultural attractions, such as the Basel Historical Museum, Kunstmuseum, and Tinguely Museum.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful city that comes alive during the festive season with its magnificent Christmas lights, markets, and authentic Czech cuisine. Visit the Prague Castle to get a taste of medieval times or take in the city’s unique architecture as you stroll along Charles Bridge or wander through Old Town Square. If you want to experience a traditional Christmas, attend one of the local Nativity plays held around town.


Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is the perfect place to spend your Christmas vacation. Explore its cobbled streets and quaint timber-framed houses as you make your way around the city’s popular Christmas Market – one of the oldest in Europe. Join in with festive activities such as ice skating or take a boat ride along the canals for a unique view of the city.

Reykjavik, Iceland

For an out-of-this-world Christmas holiday experience, head to Reykjavik in Iceland. Wander through the capital’s bustling streets and admire its sparkling Christmas lights before indulging in some local delicacies.

You can also take advantage of Iceland’s natural beauty with trips to the Blue Lagoon or a winter whale watching tour. Christmas Eve in Reykjavik involves people singing traditional carols around bonfires, making it an incredibly unique way to celebrate the season.

New York City, USA

Experience the holiday season at its best in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Take a walk down 5th Avenue to admire the lights of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, or head to Bryant Park and watch an outdoor holiday movie. Then, enjoy shopping on Canal Street or stroll around Central Park before indulging in tasty treats at one of the many local eateries.

Vienna, Austria

austriaVienna is a magical city to visit during the holiday season, and its stunning baroque architecture looks even more impressive when lit with Christmas lights.

Take in the views of the majestic Schönbrunn Palace or admire the world-famous Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School. Then, warm yourself up with a visit to the Christmas markets in front of Vienna’s Town Hall, where you can find traditional crafts and festive treats.


The list of places to visit this Christmas is endless, and the ones listed above barely scratch the surface. Wherever you choose to go, make sure it’s somewhere that will bring out the festive spirit in you and provide a truly memorable experience. Happy holidays!