Painter is needed in many circumstances but the two below are most common. One, when you want to have a new building and two when you want to renovate your house. The wrong choice of a painter can cause a real mess. The work of a painter is what people see from a distance. If the wrong painting is done, people judge that the whole house is in bad condition. Be very slow when doing the research of getting a painter. Hurry hurry has no blessing, and this applies when you want to get the best of painters around. This article will guide you on how to get the best painter.

Choosing a painter

Search the internet

stairsGo online and get all information concerning painters in your area. Get contacts of at least three for purposes of comparison. It is important to check the reviews and rating on the painter’s websites. Comments from other customers matter a lot. Do not just read the first few reviews and think that this is the one because maybe the comments are all positive. Some website owner’s pay people o write those positive comments to attract traffic. Be very open minded.


Another good source of information about painters has formed friends, family, and workmates. If you have any who have used the services of a painter recently, then they are the ones to refer you. Although online search is good, recommendations is a better way of getting information about painters. It is not a must that you like the person referred to you by whoever, if not so, go on with the search.

Face to face meeting

paintersAfter getting the contacts either from websites or recommendations, the next thing is to meet the painters face to face. This is where all negotiations are made. You learn about each other personality at this meetings too. Meet at least three, ask them all question, you can ask for images of previous jobs done and any other thing you want to ask. Compare the deals and choose the best at the end of the day.