What Are the Signs That Dogs Need to Be Neutered?

Most pet owners who care enough for their dogs know that neutering their canines is a crucial procedure, except if they purpose to use them for breeding. The main reason for neutering is to control the population of the dogs. When pet owners and other individuals like veterinary doctors talk about “neutering,” they refer to carrying the procedure on male dogs. Conversely, ‘spraying’ is used for females.  But for simplicity, neutering is used for both genders.

To achieve your goal for neutering, you should do it at the right time. This means not too early or too late in the life of your pet. You can look out for signs your dog needs to be neutered to have it done at the best time. Remember, you need to hire a qualified veterinarian to carry out the surgical or spray procedure to sterilize your canine so it does not produce sperms or ovaries.

Here are some signs that can help you know that your dog needs to be neutered:

If Your Canine Has a Defect

a dog with a defective traitIf you realize or your veterinary doctor notices that your dog has genetic defects like hip dysplasia, it would be best to neuter the pet. This action aims to prevent the passing of defective genes to the pups leading to an unhealthy dog population.

Other than the problematic physical traits, dogs that are overaggressive are also desexed to avoid passing on such predisposition to the litters they can potentially reproduce. Other than hip dysplasia, problems that should inform your decision to neuter your canines include collie eye anomaly, cryptorchidism, hemeralopia, congenital cataracts, and other such issues.

If Your Dog Is Becoming Very Aggressiveif the dog is aggresive

The issue of becoming aggressive usually is with male dogs. Due to the rise in testosterone levels in male dogs, they can become highly imposing and dominant. And because of the dominance, aggression may come about, especially when competing with another male for a female that is in heat.

Also, unneutered dogs tend to form their territories, leading to excess aggression against humans and other dogs. Castration is a method that is commonly used to reduce inter-male fights by up to 60%.

If Your Male Canine Has a Risk of Testicular Cancer

Unfortunately, testicular cancer is second on the list of the most common cancer that affects male dogs. Because castration involves removing testicles, your canine will then have no risk of getting this condition.